Effingpot : The (Very) Best of British


Howdy y’all!!! Yeah, as you see from the picture above, we’re going to talk about one more wonderful and useful website that certainly will help you study English. That is Effingpot! This concerns on the best ways for the American (but I think non-American also deserves to study from this website) to speaking British. Do you know what “Howdy” itself means? Yes, it is one example of the slang word that commonly used by the native Americans in greeting, especially in informal situations. And could you pay attention again to the picture above? Is it interesting, isn’t? There is an old couple, let’s say “A grandpa and a grandma”. Grandpa is having his meal there, and looking at his wife’s backside who is facing about him and taking a bow to picking up some cakes from the oven. Then the grandpa says, “Nice buns, Grandma!” LOL~ Do you know what it means? Okay I’m not going to tease you any further, just go on the specific explanation 😀

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EnglishLeap : The Best Online Resource to Learn English


Welcome to EnglishLeap , the best online resource to learn English!  It offers a comprehensive course program to improve your English online. The program is  English speaking course . You will have two kinds of learning there, they are “free” one and “self learning” (this is a paid one). In the free learning, you can improve your English concepts. All you need to do first is register yourself there, and it’s free as well. In the “paid” one, you will have a self learning and a GURANTEED improvement! It is nice, isn’t it?

Well, in the homepage, you will see this :


The picture above is interesting to invite the people to look forward this website. It also inserted with some words to describe what exactly the website going to explain.

Then, next to that picture, you will see this :

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Learning Styles Online : Discover your Learning Styles – Graphically!


Learning-styles-online.com provides free information and tools to help you understand and use learning styles effectively.

Learning styles are a way to help improve your quality of learning. By understanding your own personal styles, you can adapt the learning process and techniques you use. This site is dedicated to helping you better understand learning styles, as well as providing an easy way to discover your own styles.

In the top row of this website, you will see there are 5 menus :

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