Espresso English : Free 10-minute English Lessons


Good morning everyone! ^_^ Well, what do you feel if you are getting into one learning website and then you are welcomed by something eye-catching like the picture above? Maybe you will feel same with me. I feel so happy because this website really knows how to make the readers or the first visitors interested to continue their steps on it. You just need to enter your email address, check it in a few minutes, and this website really keeps the promise 😀  “Something free” is never be ignored, right? 😉

This is it, Espresso English!


Aimed at self-studying English learners, the Espresso English offers regularly updated short lessons on topics including Vocabulary, Business, and Pronunciation. Many of the lessons come with video or streaming audio.

The website was created by Shayna McHugh, a 28-year-old English teacher from the United States who now lives in Brazil. She works as an English teacher and translator. She has a CELTA certification to teach English to adults, and she really enjoys helping her students communicate better.

-Shayna McHugh-

Here are three main features of this website :

1. Courses

You will have Speaking and Listening courses to take your English to the next level. Go directly to the “Courses” by here.







2. Blog

You can learn English with 300+ fun, fast online English tips. Go directly to the “Blog” by here.







3. e-Books

You can also download two FREE English Grammar e-books: Beginner and Intermediate! Go directly to the “e-Books” by here.







So guys, Espresso English is an impressive website for students. It deserves to be more widely known. Mostly materials are being performed through video lessons (go to Espresso English channel on YouTube). It’s also a blog with 300+ online English tips.

And because life is short, get your English fluent with Espresso English”! ^_^

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    • Hai, Janah 🙂
      Don’t mention it. That’s our duty to share the information each other, right? 😉

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