About Us

Good morning everybody, my friends, and our honorable lecturer, Mr.Urai Salam. Now we would like to introduce our selves first. We are the authors of this blog. Here we are :

1. Mustarini Bella Vitiara (NIMF12112019)

2012-12-03 06.26.42

2. Tiara Wulandari (NIMF12112072)


Firstly, we want to talk about this subject. It is Teaching Learning with Information-Communication Technology, or TL-ICT. For this semester, we will have TL-ICT Part 1, and the second one will be in the next semester. Overall, TL-ICT Part 1 discusses e-Learning concept for language learning, how technology revolutionizes the world education, and learning skills required in order to maximize the use of technology. As part of the process, we use virtual classroom (ONTeLL) to having some discussion about the topics. The materials will be posted on another blog that has been created by our lecturer. The blog is “ONTeLL : A venue for online learning.

Next, we would like to tell you about the overview of our blog. The theme is “Lifestyle English”. So, we will talk about common styles for studying and learning English, including the tips, how we use certain words properly, and some new different ways to study English more effectively. As Mr.Urai Salam commanded, each of us has to review for about 15 websites on the blog. In the end, both of us will review for about 30 websites. The websites will be related to our theme.

Maybe that’s all from us. We hope that we can do this assignment well and with full of responsibility. Thank you.




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