Espresso English : Free 10-minute English Lessons


Good morning everyone! ^_^ Well, what do you feel if you are getting into one learning website and then you are welcomed by something eye-catching like the picture above? Maybe you will feel same with me. I feel so happy because this website really knows how to make the readers or the first visitors interested to continue their steps on it. You just need to enter your email address, check it in a few minutes, and this website really keeps the promise 😀  “Something free” is never be ignored, right? 😉

This is it, Espresso English!

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English Banana : English and Drama Resources For Students and Teachers


Hello, my lovely visitors 🙂 I’m back here to do a review [again] about one more wonderful website that I’ve just found. It is English

This is a popular ESL teaching resource website, offering reams of free material for ESL teachers, from audio lessons to lesson plans, printable worksheets and even free downloadable books.

English is a British publisher of educational materials for teaching and learning English. All of the materials are freely available to download from this site, and also from Scribd, CNET, and iTunes. Its unique free licences allow anybody to make a profit with the materials – without paying any commission or fees!

The following video will show you about the short introduction of the aims of English that is presented by its own founder, Matt Purland.

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Learn Real English

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Read this web page and learn how to get the success you want with English speaking! tells us so many ways on how to be a good English speaker in REAL WAY. Not the OLD FASHION METHOD just like what we got in school. It also tells us how to speak English like native speaker with enjoy and interesting method. So, we can USE REAL ENGLISH IN REAL CONVERSATION. It makes us easier to talk to international people and easier to get job.
The Learn Real English system uses the natural learning methods of children, which are:
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Effingpot : The (Very) Best of British


Howdy y’all!!! Yeah, as you see from the picture above, we’re going to talk about one more wonderful and useful website that certainly will help you study English. That is Effingpot! This concerns on the best ways for the American (but I think non-American also deserves to study from this website) to speaking British. Do you know what “Howdy” itself means? Yes, it is one example of the slang word that commonly used by the native Americans in greeting, especially in informal situations. And could you pay attention again to the picture above? Is it interesting, isn’t? There is an old couple, let’s say “A grandpa and a grandma”. Grandpa is having his meal there, and looking at his wife’s backside who is facing about him and taking a bow to picking up some cakes from the oven. Then the grandpa says, “Nice buns, Grandma!” LOL~ Do you know what it means? Okay I’m not going to tease you any further, just go on the specific explanation 😀

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Real Life English: “A Fresh Vision For English”


Real Life English is a Free and Open International English Learning Community with over 4,500 members from more than 50 countries. Real Life English is your PASSPORT TO THE WORLD! It can be accessed in two languages, English and Portuguese. You are free to get the first two chapters of the popular guide, 101 English Words You’ll Never Learn in School, by signing up to the website.

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