learning English by watching video

logoWe can learn English with so many ways. For example by reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Here, in http://www.englishvideolesson.com/ we can learn English by listening or watching video because in this website, we can learn English not by reading text, but by listen for some videos.
There are lots of videos for us to learn here. For example like this picture.
mqdefault In this part, we can learn present simple and grammar in use. And we also can learn from this part.
1749-counting-to-10-song-revise-counting this part is suitable for the beginner. Beside that we also can learn from this part.
fgh in this part, we can learn how to use the words speak and talk correctly.
I hope we can learn many things from here and we can improve our English.
So, enjoy learning. ^_^
Tiara Wulandari


Learning English from Picture

From this website we can learn English with fun way, because we can learn English from picture. And I’m sure that we will enjoy when we learn by this way. This website contains so many exercises for us. Here, we also can choose what the best exercise for us.
Here, we can find lots of exercises created by teachers from all over the world.
We also can improve our English by learning in here. The exercises categorized in different topics and levels.
714 for example is present simple and plural activities. Here we can learn new vocabulary in learning English, and here we have to fulfill all the blank item so we know all the answer.
1052 This is present simple part. There are 3 parts in this level. First, we have to fill in the correct form to get the answer. Second, we have to write the third person singular to know the best answer. And third, we have to complete the passage.
And so many other part that we can choose to learn.
So, enjoy learning. ^_^
Tiara Wulandari

Livemocha : The World’s Largest Online Language Learning Community

Hello, guys! How’s your weekend? I hope it’s nice ^_^ Now, as my duty here (and this may be my last review), I would like to tell you about one learning website which is very popular in educational blog world. That is Livemocha!

With over 5 million registered users spread across 200 countries, LiveMocha is the world’s largest language learning community. The site has been well received by most, and comes strongly recommended by many language bloggers, school teachers, and individual learners.

As the world’s largest online language learning community, Livemocha fuses traditional learning methods with online practice and interaction with native language speakers from around the world. Livemocha delivers an unparalleled learning experience that promises conversational fluency. Since launching in 2007, the Livemocha community has grown to over 16 million members from over 195 countries, highlighting the international demand for an engaging and collaborative approach to language learning.

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Woodward English : Learn English For Free

Hello, guys! How’s everything? You still have a good spirit, right? Okay, now I would like to tell you about one website which is very useful for us to learn English. That is Woodward English!

The Cover Photo of Woodward English Facebook Page

Woodward English is a kind of website to help you learn English for free with its Grammar Notes, vocabulary lists, interactive games, reading material and worksheets for teachers and students.

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Funky English : Learn English Together

Good morning ^_^ I hope you’re always in a “morning spirit” wherever you are! Well now, I come with another great website. Check it out!

Funky English – a free study network for anyone who wants to improve their English! It has English lessons, activities, quizzes and English forum. And all of them are 100% free.

It was created by an English teacher, Jamie Hutt. He comes from Portsmouth, a city in the south of England. He taught English in Thailand for several years.

-Jamie Hutt-

It has members from all over the world! New English learners or English teachers are always welcomed!

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English Banana : English and Drama Resources For Students and Teachers


Hello, my lovely visitors 🙂 I’m back here to do a review [again] about one more wonderful website that I’ve just found. It is English Banana.com.

This is a popular ESL teaching resource website, offering reams of free material for ESL teachers, from audio lessons to lesson plans, printable worksheets and even free downloadable books.

English Banana.com is a British publisher of educational materials for teaching and learning English. All of the materials are freely available to download from this site, and also from Scribd, CNET, and iTunes. Its unique free licences allow anybody to make a profit with the materials – without paying any commission or fees!

The following video will show you about the short introduction of the aims of English Banana.com that is presented by its own founder, Matt Purland.

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Anglotopia : The Website For People Who Love Britain

Hello, guys! How are you feeling right now? I’m good since I don’t have any tight schedules on this week 😀 Well, now I bring one more interesting website in front of you. I’m sure you’ll love it!

Here it is, Anglotopia! The website takes a motto “The Website For People Who Love Britain” (as I wrote before in the title). It’s really complete in terms of materials or content. You can really study and learn in a different way, and also take an advantage from it. Anglotopia emerged as the largest site on the web dedicated to Anglophiles (An Anglophile is a person who is fond of English culture) and all things British.

And now, let me tell you the history behind this website 🙂

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