How to speak like a native


Do you want to speak English like a naïve? This is the right place to learn.

In this website, there are so many steps for us to be a native speaker.

550px-Learn-Perfect-English-As-a-Native-English-Speaker-Step-1 1. Use Standard English. In this step, avoid nonstandard English to speak. You can see from How to Use Commonly Misused Words to know what is the standard English.

550px-Present-Yourself-As-an-Educated-Person-Step-102. Keep proper pronunciation in mind. .

550px-Learn-Perfect-English-As-a-Native-English-Speaker-Step-3 3. Expose yourself to writing to pick up structures, tones, and ideas.

You can write down all of your emotion in your journal or your diary. This is good for you to improve you English.

550px-Learn-Perfect-English-As-a-Native-English-Speaker-Step-4 4. Listen to talk radio, podcasts, and audio. Listening is good for us to learn the foreign language, because we can listen directly from the native.

There are also so many other steps that are very useful for is to speak like a native speaker. You can learn many things in this website. .

So, enjoy learning ^_^

Tiara Wulandari



Our daily step to learn English

download (3) is a website which can helps us to improve our listening and speaking skill in learning English.
download (2) And this is the picture of the teacher.
Here are 5 categories for us to learn English.
First is beginner. In this part, we can learn real conversation for beginner, learn beginner English verbs, travel English for beginner, and how to introduce ourself in English.
Second is elementary. In this part, we can learn real English conversation, english for restaurants, banks, shopping & more. We also can learn how to make friends in English and English for travel. All of this lesson is suitable for the elementary level.
Third is intermediate. I this part, we can learn how to speak and understand real English, learn natural English conversation, complex English sentences, clauses, questions and grammar, formal and non formal English, and basic phrasal verbs and idioms.
Fourth is intermediate +. In this part, we can learn how to speak and understand fast English, natural English conversation, English phrasal verbs and idioms, complex English sentences, clauses, questions & grammar, formal, non formal and general English styles, and how to tell stories and make friends in English.
Fifth is advanced. In this part, we can learn advanced English listening, advanced English conversation, English slang and humor, advanced English phrasal verbs, advanced English idioms, and advanced English verb tenses.
From all of this categories, we also can learn from the audio, because there are so many audio for us to learn English in each part of the level.
So, enjoy learning. ^_^
Tiara Wulandari

Lifestyle for works, travel and socializing

Lifestyle is designed to meet the everyday language requirements of people who need English for work, travel and socializing. As well as dealing with how people communicate at work, it also helps learners interact effectively outside of the work environment, enabling them to ‘get things done’ in a variety of situations.
There are 4 categories in this website. They are elementary, pre intermediate, intermediate, and upper intremediate.
We can learn so many things from this websie. There are so many excercise we can do to improve our Englih and it will make us easier to learn the real english for school, work, travel, and socializing.
We also can learn English from the expert here by meet the author team.
We can ask them what we don’t understand so they can show us what is the correct answer for our question.

bluecover orange
This is the picture for elementary and pre-intermediate level

greenCover purple
This is the picture for intermediate and upper intermediate level

So, enjoy learning^_^
Tiara Wulandari